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Looking to SELL

Posted... 2/8/18


Good morning all.

Here is a list of some CAS guns that are getting little use these days and need a new home for spring!

I would like to sell these FTF in New Mexico, if we need to ship and do FFL transfers, those costs are not figured in above.

If you want more info and pictures of something, give me a call or email me.


Thanks for taking a look........Captain Clark    575-644-9327


1. Rolling Block / Davide Pedersoli built in 45-70, 22" half round octagonal barrel with brass furniture, single trigger, excellent bore. Accurate with 385 / 405 gr loads! Has great plainsman potential..... $550.00


2.SAA clone / Cimarron marked Uberti built single action in 45 Colt, 4 3/4" CCH frame, rest of gun is blued including all screws, grip frame barrel etc. One piece wood grips with the gold Cimarron medallion inlayed similar to the Colts from back in the day.... $425.00


3.SxS hammered / Rossi 12 gauge 3' chambered with kick pad. This double is in good condition appearance wise with a repair on the front of the receiver at the open stop. Bores are excellent and it is choked full / mod........ $250.00


4.SxS hammerless / Stoeger 12 gauge 20" barreled coach gun in matte nickel finish with English style stock choked full / mod. There are no internal mods done to this double except for the safety "auto" function deleted for CAS shooting. Safety is still fully operational in manual mode. It has been shot very little, always cased and carried as a backup....$350.00


5.1872 Open Tops Pair / Cimarron marked, 1872 style 7.5" open tops in 45 Colt caliber in 95% + condition with 1 piece wood grips. These are the very accurate Uberti built copies of the 1st dedicated cartridge revolvers that Colt produced, predating the iconic SAA. I have shot them in a few matches with black / smokeless loads. They run well, the cylinder / barrel clearance has been checked and squared and are mostly stock guns. Not consecutively numbered but only 20 apart! They point well and are very pleasant to shoot!.......$850.00 / pair.


6. 97 Winchester / Winchester 12 gauge solid frame 20", good bore, good stock, and early style forend with a repair. The repair is solid and has held up for the 5+ years I have shot this gun. The previous owner had the chamber honed properly for 2 3/4" shells. It has a large front bead, with ejector and extractors replaced within the last 18 months. It feeds off the tube perfectly and is not set up for 6 in the tube. The finish is what you would expect for a 97 Winchester that is a 1900 production, patina with no pitting.......$475.00



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