The 2 nd Annual

Arizona / New Mexico Border Dispute

  Cowboy Action Shootout


   June 30th Thru July 3rd, 2006    

Co-Hosted by the Gila Rangers and the Tombstone Buscaderos

In the Winner Circle...

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    The Winning State for the 2006 'Border Dispute'  

Calculated using top 10 shooters Average score.

AZ = 366.912

NM = 371.913

The Great State of... 

> > >  ARIZONA  < < <


Top Guns of the Match...

Long Step



Addie Rose




Top State Cowboys...

Long Step



Pecos Clyde




Top State Cowgirls...

Addie Rose



Annabelle Peacock




Top by Shooters Category...


Alias Class Final Time
Yankee Texan Lady 49er 387.75
Annabelle Peacock Lady 49er 434.93
Shanny Sue Lady 49er 481.20
Pecos Pearl Lady 49er 561.86
Crimson Jewel Lady 49er 796.08
Mary Lee Sloshed Lady Duelist 671.77
Smite Em Sue Lady Duelist 738.06
Silver Heart Lady Modern 430.97
Trinidad Tess Lady Senior 512.18
Addie Rose Lady Traditional 322.15
Lady Long Step Lady Traditional 436.56
Blue Phoenix Lady Traditional 701.55
Johnny Meadows Men's 49er 284.42
Restless Men's 49er 288.72
Bloody Dave Stout Men's 49er 414.16
Chico Cheech Men's 49er 435.39
Stink Creek Jones Men's 49er 460.80
Fast Hammer Men's Duelist 361.90
Ernest T. Bass Men's Duelist 392.49
Drop-Em-Dead Ted Men's Duelist 730.62
James Hawkins Men's Gunfighter 297.08
Pecos Pat Men's Gunfighter 337.58
WW Men's Gunfighter 400.21
Caprock Leatherneck Men's Gunfighter 407.62
Brushy Bill Men's Gunfighter 407.91
Pecos Clyde Men's Modern 271.96
Tumbleweed 'Dan' Men's Modern 312.28
Lil Rob Men's Modern 593.81
J. B. Fast Men's Senior 295.81
Wichita Wayne Men's Senior 342.90
El Canelo Men's Senior 395.35
Judge Harshly Men's Senior 426.19
Border Doc Men's Senior 520.73
Tom Three Persons Men's Senior 528.68
Cicero Stewart Men's Senior 615.20
Raymond One Eye Men's Senior 750.20
Led Foulin' Men's Sr. Dualist 321.00
Old Man Meadows Men's Sr. Dualist 400.06
Shakey Saguaro Men's Sr. Dualist 526.28
Capt. Eli McDaniel Men's Sr. Dualist 716.44
Long Step Men's Traditional 234.74
Twig Men's Traditional 310.65
Bud Guzzlin' Men's Traditional 313.54
Wau Ban See Men's Traditional 329.83
Bad Lands Bob Men's Traditional 775.45
Earthquake Jake Men's Traditional 963.13
John 'soldierboy' Hancock Black Pwdr. 346.53
Silverado Cid Black Pwdr. 390.16
Six Pack Classic Cowboy 454.91
Largo Casey Classic Cowboy 467.58
Neches Jack Classic Cowboy 561.33


Clean Match Shooter(s), Border Dispute'06

Long Step - NM



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