Clean Sweep Scarf Slide


This beautiful hand carved scarf slide, designed and created by Gila Ranger Capt. Eli McDaniel, can not be purchased in any store.

It can only be earned by shooting six clean stages at our monthly match, with no misses or procedurals.


It is one of the most coveted awards presented to Members and Guest Shooters.

Clean Sweep Scarf Slide

(One per-Cowpoke)


Alias Clean Sweep Award 2007

Alias Clean Sweep Award 2006

Alias Clean Sweep Award 2005 Alias Clean Sweep Award 2004

Alias Clean Sweep Award 2003

AliasClean Sweep Award2000-2002

Half-a-Hand Henry

Led Foulin'*

Bud Guzzlin'

Buffalo Gabby

Silver City Skip*

Benton McCaleb

Miss Lucy

Raymond One Eye

Led Foulin'


Capt. Eli *

Silver City Skip*

Blaze Kinkade

H.H. Whitehill*

Four Flusher

OK Trigger

El Canelo

H.H. Whitehill*

Harry Luck*

Bee House Bob


Brushy Bill

More Or Les

Isreal P Goldberg

Silver City Skip

Tendoy Fred


Capt. Eli  McDaniel

H.H. Whitehill

Bear Lee Able


Hop I Hit Em

Stray Horse

Marshal Cotton


Greasy Red

Harry Luck

* Previous holders of the Clean Sweep


ALSO: Remember the '10x50 Club'

Captain Eli is offering a Custom Made Belt Buckle to all members who turn in their Monthly Centavos award pins that add up to a total of 500 centavos.

The face value of the pins are as follows...

1st Place Awards    50 Centavos

2nd Place Awards   20 Centavos

3rd Place Awards   10 Centavos

Current Holders & members in-waiting...