Operational Marshals and Event Coordinators- Job Descriptions


Operational Marshals and Event Coordinators: These representatives are appointed by the President in concert with the Board. They are club members who have special ongoing or temporary assignments. They are appointed to serve ‘pro tem’ to perform a specific operational function for the Club. They may participate in Board meetings, submit proposals for consideration by the Board or Committees, and shall respond to requests for information from their constituents.


General Duties of Operational Marshals:

§         Perform the functions and duties as established or assigned for their area of responsibility.

§         Ongoing assessment of the policies, and procedures that concern their area of responsibility.

§         Assist in the development of budget strategies for their area, including expansion, maintenance, improvements.

§         Develops short term (tactical) plans.

§         Maintain appropriate levels of expertise and accreditation for their respective duties.

§         Recruits volunteer Deputies as necessary, to assist in performing assigned tasks.


Club Operational Marshals:  (On-Going, as assigned)


Range Maintenance Marshal:


Match Safety Marshal:


Mounted Shoot Marshal:


Marketing Marshal:


Publicity Marshal:



Large Event Coordinators:    (Temporary/Event Related, as assigned)


Match Director/Coordinator:

·         Chairs the Event Committee.

·         Produces the Match Agenda and Announcement Scripts.

·         Assigns Stage Writers and all Event Coordinators

·         Coordinate new and updated information to the Event Committee and the Program Coordinator.

·         Arbitration Committee Co-Chair.


Asst. Match Director/Coordinator:

·         Match Director functions in his absence.

·         Arbitration Committee Co-Chair.



Match Range Coordinator:

·         Provide stage and range guidance and arbitration to the Stage Marshals.

·         Arbitration Committee Member.


Stage Marshals/Coordinator:

·         Provide stage and range guidance and arbitration at the individual ranges assigned for the match.


Program Coordinator:

·         Develops both general and specific schedule for the event.

·         Responsible for the development and production of the Shooters Program Book.


Side Match Coordinator:

·         Responsible for the development, assignment, operation and execution of all Side Matches.

·         Coordinate initial and updated information to the Event Committee and the Program Coordinator.


Vendor Coordinator:

·         Responsible for the recruiting, scheduling, space  assignment and fee collections of all Vendors.

·         Coordinate initial and updated information to the Event Committee and the Program Coordinator.


Parking/Transportation Coordinator:

·         Responsible for all RV and General Parking facilities and the coordination of their use.

·         Responsible for other aspects of moving workers, contestants and visitors within the Event venue.


Scoring Coordinator:

·         Responsible for the Scoring System and all of the associated components.

·         Responsible for the timely collection and entry of all scoring data.

·         Responsible for all Documentation of Match Scoring and Winner Data.

·         Works in conjunction with the Registration Coordinator for Participant data.


Registration Coordinator:

·         Responsible for all aspects of the Pre and Post Registration and confirmation process.

·         Operates and staffs the Registration Office, and coordinates all necessary pre-event indoctrination.

·         Produces and coordinates all Pre and Post Event correspondence with contestants.

·         Works closely with Marketing, Publicity, and Scoring departments.


Prize & Gift Coordinator:

·         Responsible for collection and distribution of Door Prizes, Special Gifts and Drawings.

·         Operates, staffs, and maintains the ‘Prize Emporium’ and the SASS Information Booth.

·         Works in conjunction with the Vendor Coordinator.


Trophy Coordinator:

·         Responsible for the production, acquisition, and correct presentation of all Trophies and Certificates.

·         Works in conjunction with the Registration Coordinator for post event mailings of Winner items.


Entertainment Coordinator:

·         Responsible for the acquisition, scheduling, and production of any Entertainment and Banquet Events.

·         Works in conjunction with the VIP Coordinator.


VIP Coordinator:

·         Responsible for the Concierge services and the scheduling of any VIP Events and requirements.

·         Works in conjunction with the Entertainment Coordinator.