For the Cowboy Brides...


For all you new cowboy brides out there I offer a brief job description to help you define the true champion cowboy wife.


First of all, she cooks,  in fact she cooks in great quantities and every day, since McDonalds and Pizza Hut are nowhere close to most cow camps.

Now, when we first got married, I could cook!
Not to brag, but I was a good cook.

The problem was, my husband would say "You're not a Cowboy Cook."

Now, I know, what a cowboy wants:
greasy basic foods, pinto beans, potatoes, beef and homemade bread.
All the rest is extra.
If you learn to make cobblers and chocolate cakes
to satisfy the sweet tooth, you’ve arrived.

 Second, a champion cowboy wife is available. She is available to open gates, hold tools, drive the feed wagon, or fill a spot on horseback in an emergency.

She is not only available, but willing to take instruction with good grace. Trust me, it is better to take instruction than bail in blind.
In fact, demand instruction!


Third, the champion cowboy wife can move her whole life in a 5 by 16-foot horse trailer, and what is left in the back of the pickup after the saddle horses are loaded.

  There are no perfect cowboy jobs, but a good wife learns early on when they get to that new ranch not to point out the fact that this is her seventh house in only five years.
She learns to accept these kinds of things,
even though she can see day light through the cracks.

If your cowboy doesn’t show signs of settling down by now,
acquire several pieces of expensive, heavy furniture.
I recommend a piano or china cabinet.
A couple of kids wouldn't hurt to weigh him down either.

Fourth a champion cowboy wife listens.
She listens to her husband and his friends retell over and over again every story about  every drive, every bronc ride, and every wild spree they ever went on in their younger days.

She listens to his gripes too. When her cowboy complains that
“this job would be great except for all the horses and cows,”
she listens, knowing he really wouldn't have it any other way!

Lastly, the champion cowboy wife manages finances and vehicle repair, does the laundry, knows how to use a paint brush, saddles horses for young kids, helps calve heifers, worms horses,

and gets all the best bargains,
while only going into town once a month for all the shopping!


Relax little bride. You’ll do a fine job.


Written By Amy Auker