Gila Rangers Cowboy* Code of Conduct

* ‘Cowboy’,  refers to any Gila Ranger member, regardless of gender or age.

     For the purposes of this document, The Gila Rangers Cowboy Action Club can be referred to as the 'Club' or the 'Gila Rangers'.


A Cowboy is respectful of all individuals in his words and deeds, regardless of race, creed, gender or age.

A Cowboy does not take unfair advantage of friends or adversaries, or take advantage of others for personal gain.

A Cowboy tells the truth, and does not go back on his word, or betray a confidence.

A Cowboy renders assistance whenever he is asked. He protects the weak and helps them.

A Cowboy is loyal to his friends, the brand he rides for, and his country.

A Cowboy is kind to animals and takes care of them.

A Cowboy keeps himself clean in thoughts, speech, actions, and personal habits.

A Cowboy is brave, but not foolhardy, and does not seek recognition at the expense of others.


The Gila Rangers reserve the right to refuse an individual’s participation in any Club event at our range, or Club events in the community at large, if the individual’s character and behavior does not comply with the Safety Rules and/or Code of Conduct as outlined by SASS® and the Club. Furthermore, The Club reserve the right to refuse membership to individuals who do not meet the standards for the Safety Rules and/or Code of Conduct as outlined by SASS® and the Club .


New Member Application Process:

1)  Application and dues are received by our Treasurer or Secretary.

2)  Membership intention announced at safety briefing for two (2) consecutive shoots attended by individual(s) applying for membership.

3)  Applicant becomes a member in good standing if no written complaint has been filed with the Board of Directors within 30 days of the 2nd announcement of membership intention.


In the event of a written complaint of a new Member;

1)  A special closed meeting of the Board of Directors will be called in a timely manner, to review the complaints, and if deemed necessary, contact the individuals in question for further clarification of concerns and validity of complaint(s).

2)  All proceedings will be kept confidential, confined to the Board members and individuals directly involved.

3)  The Board of Directors will have the final decision regarding the acceptance or rejection of an individual’s membership application.

4)  If an individual’s membership is rejected, dues will be returned in full.


A Gila Ranger member in good standing adheres to the Safety Rules and Code of Conduct outlined by SASS® and the Club when participating in any event sponsored by the Club, or when representing themselves as a Club memberr at other Cowboy Action Shooting events, or within the community at large.

The Safety Rules and Code of Conduct require sportsmanship, fairness, honesty, consideration and respect on the part of each Gila Ranger when dealing with all individuals, and constitutes the ultimate assurance of range safety.  

Violation Procedure:

In the event of a member(s) violation of the Safety Rules and/or Code of Conduct, which cannot be satisfactorily resolved with the individual(s) involved, the following options are available;

       1)   Censure of a member, maintaining membership on a provisional basis.

       2)   Expulsion from the Gila Rangers Cowboy Action Shooting Club.

Application of these options will be determined through consideration of the degree and frequency of the violation(s) of the Safety Rules and/or Code of Conduct by the Board of Directors. A verbal and written* complaint with documentation of specific incidences of violations of these rules or codes must be given to the Board of Directors for consideration of proceeding with Censure or Expulsion actions. In the event of a Board member being the recipient of a complaint process, the remaining Board members will appoint a temporary Member-at-Large from the general Club membership to function as a Board member until the dispute is resolved.


A complaint can be filed by a Club member or a community member involved with a Gila Ranger event.

1)      A special closed board meeting will be called to review the complaint(s), and will determine by the documentation presented if either Censure or Expulsion proceedings should be considered.

2)      Censure proceedings will occur in a special closed meeting of the Board of Directors, with the individual(s) filing and responding to the complaint present to respond to questions or clarify the issues. Lack of attendance by either party can result in finding in the favor of the individual present, at the discretion of the Board of Directors.

3)      Censure will be approved by a majority vote of the Board of Directors with the following consequences of:

a)A one (1) year probation from holding Club office, immediate resignation of any offices currently held, and removal from any job(s) or committees of prominence at the discretion of the Board of Directors.


If no further written complaint is received in the year probation period, the individual(s) in question will be reinstated to full membership.


Further written compliant(s) regarding an individual under probation can lead to Expulsion proceedings.

1)      Expulsion proceedings will be conducted at a special open Board meeting.

2)      Members in good standing will be sent written notification of the time and place of the special board meeting considering expulsion.

3)      Individual(s) filing and responding to the complaint(s) must be present to respond to any questions and clarify issues as needed.

4)      Failure of either individual(s) to be present can result in settling the proceeding in the favor of the party present, by the discretion of the Board of Directors.

5)      After hearing testimony as to the nature and details of the complaint(s), and the responses of the individuals involved, expulsion will be determined by a majority vote of general members and Board members present at the meeting.

6)      A ‘NO’ vote for expulsion restores the individual in question to full membership in good standing.

7)      A ‘YES’ vote for expulsion results in the individual(s) found to be out of compliance with the Safety Rules and/or Code of Conduct, expulsion from the Gila Rangers, and banned from participation in all events and activities sponsored by the Gila Rangers from that date forward.

8)      Malicious or false claims lodged against a Gila Ranger member for Safety Rules and/or Code of Conduct violations can be viewed as a Code of Conduct violation in itself, and Censure or Expulsion proceedings lodged. 

                        * ‘Written Complaint’ can include correspondence received or delivered by e-mail.