Billy the Kid... The 'Legend' Begins?


March 1, 1873 - Catherine McCarty and William Antrim were married by the reverend D.F. McFarland of the First Presbyterian Church of Santa Fe. Shortly after the wedding they moved to Silver City, N.M. because Antrim had heard of rich silver strikes there. While in Silver City the family rented out rooms in their house to travelers.


A story, that supposedly took place at this time, started several years later after the Kid had become an outlaw.  It has no factual background, and is merely a story.  The story says that in 1871, when Henry was 12 years old, he and his mother were walking down a street in Silver City, N.M. (They actually lived in Wichita, Kansas at the time).  They walked past a group of men standing in front of a saloon. One of the men, a blacksmith with a reputation for being a bully, hollered at Henry's mother. She ignored the man but Henry picked up a rock and threw it, knocking the man's hat off of his head.  The blacksmith ran after Henry, but was stopped by a man on the street named Moulton.  Moulton held the man until Henry could get away.  A few weeks later Henry was back at the same saloon learning card tricks.  Moulton and the blacksmith got into an argument.  When the blacksmith tried to smash a chair over Moulton's head, Henry ran up to him and stabbed him three times in the heart with a small knife.