The Wild Wild West Day '05

Downtown... Silver City, New Mexico


In early June, The Gila Rangers produced the Wild, Wild West Day in conjunction with the PRCA Pro-Rodeo. The day's events included Heritage Exhibits, Art/Crafts and entertainment in Gough Park, and a non-motorized Parade down Bullard Street.

To kick-off the activities, the Rangers enact ... Episode II "Escape of Billy the Kid"

A dozen re-enactors were on the set, with a dozen more costumed members in the crowd..



As the citizens look on, Billy was to be turned over to the Lincoln County Marshals by the Silver City Sheriffs.


Silver City Millie and her girls, try to warn the Marshals, Billy's Gang is in town.


The Sheriff and his Deputy haul Billy from Jail.



The Lincoln County Marshals take custody of Billy.



Lincoln County Regulators stop the stage.



Marshal Eli tries to defuse the situation, just before being shot by Billy

The Regulators argue with the Sheriff, Deputy and townsfolk.


Talk is just not gonna' fix this problem.



The battle ensues.




Next Year...

Episode III...

"The Revenge of Billy"

Deputies, Townsfolk, and Regulators are down in the street.

Billy, and what remains of his gang, escape.