3rd Annual Victorio's Run

The 2005 SASS New Mexico State Championship

April 14th - 17th, 2005

  Champions All...


The Pre-Shooters  /  Posse#21

Victorio's Run - Match Officials

Top - WW, Four Flusher, DA Broncks

Standing- Largartio, Benton McCaleb,

HH Whitehall, Silver City Skip, Chico Cheech

Sitting - Apprentice, Capt. Eli McDaniel


Posse 21

Match Organizers and Event Operators

 Note: Benton McCaleb AWOL

Posse 1

Distinguished Guests

Tex & Cat Ballue

Posse 2


Posse 3


Posse 4


Posse 5



Did Someone say... Mounted Shooting!