The 4th


 Southwest Border Dispute

The 2008 SASS

New Mexico State Championship

July 18th, 19th and 20th, 2008


The New Mexicans rule!!!

Congratulations to the

TOP Cowboy...  Bud Guzzlin',

and TOP Cowgirl... Half-A-Hand Henri!



Random Match and Winners Photos

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The posses gather

in the square

at Fowler City Hall

Bud Guzzlin', WW,

Chico Cheech and

Tex addresses the

assembled masses.

Anna Pavlova,

Judge Hazard,

J.W. Brockey, and

Lil' Gunslinger...

When do we start?

This Buckaroo

Cowboy Clay...

 is ready!

Before the day gets

crazy... nothing like

 a shady rest.






Mogollon Will &

Mithral Star observe

former State Champ

dad... Doc Will

Fast Hammer

& Friends

Taos-O defends

the Homestead

Posse on the Move

Seems like a

happy group!






Move over...

The Texans

have arrived!

These ladies look


yet feminine!

The Posse proceeds

through the stage.

Yankee Texan &

English Lyn review

with Led Foulin'

Now Led is

passing the word!






Dirty Dan

confirms score

with Lucy

Annabelle Peacock,

Bloody Dave Stout, &

 Fightin' Frank Jackson

Prepare to engage!

I Think...

Half-A-Hand Henri

needs a Hand!

Lucy, Slippery Steve,

& Grizzly Adams

mug for the Photog.

Defending the Fort






Is this stage 5 or 6...

and was that 9 or 10

rifle shots?

Bear Lee Able &

May Bea Able

enjoy a moment.

OK Trigger, Lucy

and More or Les

in character.

Intense concentration

from the future..

 NM State Champ...

Bud Guzzlin'.

Capt. Eli McDaniel shouts...

To the parapet men!






WW &

Tendoy Fred

face the music!

The Rowdy Bunch.

Hanging around

the Ranch.

Okie Lawdog and

Hawkeye Okie...

It's a tradition.

A pause in the

match excitement.









        with the

        Posse Shoot!! 


Posse 4            

and Posse 1           

don't mix.           



















The Buckaroo's




12 Stage Match!


Tails from

the Dark Side








Cat Ballou... NM Lady Silver Senior, and Green Chili Champion


Capt Eli McDaniel...

in a class by Himself


The Red Shirt Gang.

Tex takes a medal.







Tex joins

New Mexico's...



Top 3 men.

Bud Guzzlin'

Mica McGuire

Bogus Deal


Top 3 women.

Half-A-Hand Henri

Texas Tiger

Anna Pavlova