Arizona / New Mexico Border Dispute '06

Silver City, New Mexico Territory


The Gila Rangers and the Tombstone Buscadaros came together AGAIN to determine the fate of the Territories.


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The competing territories face-off,

and the Posses assemble.

Stand and Deliver!

NM's 'ringer'...

NM State Champ...Long Step

Posse-1 / AZ




Posse-2 / NM

Chico Cheech takes a moment.

Posse-2 / NM

Bloody Dave's Back!

Posse-2 / NM

Capt Eli fixin' the score sheets

Posse-1 / AZ

Six-Pack is a ponderin' Arizona's fate!



This webpage is missing Photos of Posse 3...the Texans...

Please send em if ya got em'.

Arizona wins... AGAIN !

New Mexico has to keep Lordsburg!... AGAIN !