Arizona / New Mexico Border Dispute '05

Silver City, New Mexico Territory


It's the 4th of July in '05, The Gila Rangers and the Tombstone Buscadaros came together to determine the fate of the Territories.

Each bring in posses for their states, and even Texas wants in on the fight.


The two competing group faces-off,

and the Posses assemble.

Stand and Deliver!


Posse-1 / AZ


Posse-2 / NM


Posse-3 / AZ


Posse-4 / TX


Posse-5 / AZ


Shooter at the Homestead


Long Range Fun



Mounted Shooting



Woman-On-Women Competition



Chico Cheech hands Six-Pack

 the Award as Arizona wins...

Better luck next year New Mexico.



More Photos in Process... Come back for another look.